Accounting (Book Keeping) Services

Consultancy for Account Management:
Accounts Department of any organization is one of the most important and essential department of the whole organization. This is the department through which all legal and tax compliances are complied with . Compliance can be ensured of , only if all the required Books of Accounts are complete and upto date in proper manner.

We provide Consultancy in Accounts Management as per specific requirements of particular business organization.

Outsourcing of Accounting / Book Keeping Services:
In case of small and medium business organization we provide outsourcing facility of accounting of day to day transactions on the basis of regular interval viz weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis through our expert and professional team at our work station or at client’s work station.

Supervision of Account Department:
We provide Supervisory services to Accounts Department for medium and big business organizations where accounting of day to day transactions are performed by own staff of client on daily basis.