Permanent Account Number (PAN)

Permanent Account Number (PAN) U/s 139A of Income Tax Act read with Rule 114 of Income Tax Rules

  1. Application for allotment of PAN:
    Applicant should apply for allotment of New PAN only if no PAN has ever been allotted in past. Keeping or maintaining or applying for duplicate PAN is an offence and allottee is liable to Penalty under Income Tax Act.
  2. Application for new PAN Card or/and Changes or Corrections in PAN Data:
    Those who have already obtained the PAN and wish to obtain the new PAN card or want to make some changes / corrections in their PAN data, are required to submit their applications in form prescribed by Income Tax Department.

    A new PAN card bearing the same PAN but updated information is issued to applicant in such case.

    REQUEST FOR NEW PAN CARD OR/AND CHANGES OR CORRECTION IN PAN DATA: – The same form can be used by Indian as well as foreign citizens.

    Various Types of PAN Application Forms

    1. New PAN in case of Indian Citizens/ Indian Companies / Entities Incorporated in India / Un-incorporated entities formed in India (Form 49A)
    2. New PAN in case of Individuals not being a Citizen of India / Entities incorporated outside India / Un-incorporated entities formed outside India (Form 49AA)
    3. Request for New PAN Card or Changes or Corrections in PAN Data (Form)